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Our firm was set up in the year 1987 by Mr. RENZO PATUZZO under the style of PATUZZO RENZO and the proprietorship was trasformed on 23/12/2002 in the new company R.P.A. Ltd.
At present, Mr. RENZO PATUZZO is CEO of R.P.A. Ltd.
R.P.A. Ltd, now one of the most performing automatic turner's factory in Northern Italy, is specialized in the manufacturing of Aisi 303 stainless stell parts and fittings for hoses with pipe thread to UNI norms in the diameter range 3/8" 1" 1/2.
Presently, R.P.A. Ltd is well equipped with first quality CNC automatic lathes and multispindle automatic lathes manned by highly skilled personnel, using the most advanced technology, so that it can offer products of the highest precision and quality.
Via Fortuzzi, 32  - 20030 Bovisio Masciago (Mi) - Italy   Tel. 0362/594924  e-mail: torneria@rpa-patuzzo.it